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Were you recently arrested as a first-time criminal offender? There is a chance you can still protect yourself from losing your job or source of income, housing or license with an expungement of your criminal record. With an expunction, all records that pertain to the specific case can be removed from the court for public use and should not be used against you if you are arrested in the future. An Expungement of record is the “process of by which record of criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from the state records.”

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If you have recently been arrested for a crime, and want to ensure that your previous conviction is hidden from the court, contact me – New Orleans criminal lawyer, John Radziewicz with Crescent City Law. It is my job to make sure that your rights are protected and you receive fair treatment by the court. You may seek expungement if you were:


  • Falsely arrested
  • Your case was dismissed
  • You were found innocent by the court
  • You completed your sentence for a minor crime you plead guilty to
  • You were placed on probation under Article 893 or 894*
  • You were under 18 when you were convicted of a felony for simple drug possession


It is important to remember that an Expungement does not mean your record is clean. It does, however, help you when you are trying to find work, housing or obtain any necessary licenses including professional or personal. An Expungement can help you live your daily life without interruption or shame.

Changes to the Law in Louisiana for Expungements

In June 2014, Gov. Jindal signed a comprehensive new law that created uniformity for expungments through Louisiana. In response to the new law, Crescent City Law wrote a new blog to provide you with updated information. For updated information, please visit that blog: New Expungement Laws in Louisiana.

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Seeking a criminal defense lawyer who has experience with expungements is necessary for success. This type of case will include approximately $600 in court fees and can take, on average, about four to six months to be resolved. Your free initial consultation with me is just a phone call or e-mail away. Contact me at (504) 264-9492 for your free consultation with an experienced expungement lawyer. Evening, weekend and offsite meetings are available by appointment. Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese translators are also available upon request.

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