Post-Conviction Relief and Appeals Lawyer in New Orleans

If you have recently been convicted or pleaded guilty to a crime, you may be eligible for Post-Conviction Relief or an appeal. Post-Conviction Relief is an appeal of a criminal conviction that may include a request for a release, a new trial or changes to the sentencing you received. As a qualified New Orleans criminal defense lawyer, I have experience with Post-Conviction Relief (PCR) for many of my former and current clients. An appeal is generally a request for a second-chance, second look at your case and the sentencing. Post-Conviction Relief is governed by both the federal and state laws so Louisiana’s laws will be unique to Louisiana.

Am I Eligible to Seek Post-Conviction Relief?

If you did not hire a criminal defense attorney for your recent conviction, or you are unhappy with the outcome of your trial, and would like to hire a new lawyer, consider hiring Crescent City Law to protect your rights and appeal your conviction. If you were recently convicted, or sentenced for, a crime and the conviction was in violation of the United States Constitution, Louisiana Constitution, or contrary to the law, you should immediately seek Post-Conviction Relief because if you wait too long, the opportunity will be lost forever. Some reasons for appeal are that the court did not have jurisdiction to impose the sentence for your alleged crime, the sentence may have exceeded the maximum penalty allowable by law, there might be evidence that was not previously presented in your case that can show you did not commit the crime, the sentence was expired or by applying for a writ of habeas corpus, claiming the conviction or sentence is not valid.

Immigrants and Post-Conviction Relief

If you pleaded after 2010 and you are not a citizen of the United States, you may be eligible for Post-Conviction Relief because of your non-citizen status. It may be possible to set aside your plea in order to stop removal proceeding, avoid deportation, and to keep you here in the United States with your family. A careful consideration of your case in light of your immigration status must be conducted to determine whether you fall into this category of post-conviction relief. Please call my office at (504) 264-9492.

Types of Post-Conviction Relief Appeals

    • Motions to Set Aside a Plea: If you think that the court violated the terms of your or your loved one’s guilty plea agreement by amending it, or you were not granted full rights prior to a plea agreement, consider Post-Conviction Relief appeal with an experienced criminal defense attorney.
    • Motion to Amend Sentence: If you believe that you or your family member has received higher than the maximum sentence, Post-Conviction Relief can be presented to the court on a case-by-case proposal.
    • Motion to Reconsider Sentence: If you believe that you or your family member has received an illegal sentencing, a criminal defense lawyer can assist you with the Post-Conviction Relief efforts to ensure your life is minimally impacted and your rights are protected by the US Constitution.

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It is very important to understand that if you are eligible for Post-Conviction Relief and believe that this is important to the path of your life, hiring a criminal defense lawyer such as myself will result in a moderate retainer sum up front. Because you already went to trial, as your new defense attorney, I will review the entire transcript of your case, which will be time consuming. Despite this, Post-Conviction Relief can change your life and therefore it is necessary to weigh the cost and benefits. From my office in New Orleans, I represent clients in communities throughout New Orleans, Jefferson Parish and southeastern Louisiana. If you or someone you know has been convicted for a crime and you believe you received an improper sentence, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or call 504-264-9492 to arrange a free consultation with a professional Post-Conviction Relief New Orleans criminal defense attorney. Evening, weekend and off-site meetings are available by appointment.

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