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Everyone hates getting traffic tickets. Moving violations, speeding tickets, red light tickets, and DUI’s, and DWI’s can become more than just an annoyance if an aggressive traffic ticket attorney does not represent you. We have all been in a situation where we have been pulled over and issued a traffic ticket or citation. An experienced traffic ticket attorney can help walk you through the legal process. In some circumstances, we can get the charges reduced or dropped.


Moving Violations – Moving Violation Tickets


A moving violation is any violation of traffic laws caused by the driver while the vehicle is in motion. Speeding, failing to use a turn signal, failure to yield, turning into the wrong lane, and many more are all categorized as a moving violation. These traffic tickets can result in a fine ranging from $75 to $300, a court appearance, and sometimes result in points added to your license. Moving violations issued by automated cameras not regulated by the state government have the same effect on your record as a parking ticket in New Orleans. This means you do not get points on your license and your insurance should not go up. However, failure to pay these traffic ticket fines could hurt your ability to renew your license or the title on your car. Worse yet, you may find your car booted the next time you park your car.


If you have one or more outstanding moving violations, contact Crescent City Law by filling out a form or call us at (504) 264-9492 to speak with an experienced traffic attorney in New Orleans.


Speeding Tickets in New Orleans – Speeding Tickets in St. Charles Parish


A speeding ticket is a much bigger deal than most people may expect. The negative results of getting pulled over for speeding could be a ticket upwards of $300 and a court appearance. In addition to fines, you can receive points on your driver’s license, your insurance premium can go up, and you can even have your driver’s license suspended. As with other moving violations, failure to pay a speeding ticket can result in additional fines or even a boot on your car. In addition to the immediate consequences, failure to address or pay your ticket can negatively affect your ability to renew your license or transfer title of your car.


With an experienced speeding ticket lawyer, it is possible to get the speeding ticket downgraded from a moving violation to a non-moving violation. It is also possible to get a speeding ticket completely dismissed. Crescent City Law is here to represent you and aggressively fight to get your ticket reduced or dismissed altogether.


If you have any outstanding speeding tickets, contact Crescent City Law by filling out a form or call us at (504) 264-9492 to speak with an experienced speeding ticket attorney.


Red Light Camera Tickets in New Orleans, Jefferson & St. Charles Parishes


Red light camera tickets are generally issued by an automated camera system outside of Louisiana. These cameras are strategically placed throughout New Orleans to catch you running a red light. The camera will take a picture of your car and license plate. Then, they will mail you a ticket to be paid. A red light ticket issued by one of these cameras is treated like a parking ticket. This means it will not result in points on your license or increase your insurance premiums. However, if you accumulate multiple red light tickets, it could hinder your ability to renew your driver’s license or transfer the title on your car.


An experienced traffic lawyer can help you through this process and work to negotiate a reduced payment on your outstanding fines. If you have one or more outstanding red light camera tickets, contact Crescent City Law by filling out a form or calling us at (504) 264-9492 to speak with an experienced traffic attorney in New Orleans.


DUI Lawyer – DWI Defense – DUI Attorneys in New Orleans


Every year, thousands of Louisiana residents are pulled over and arrested for drunk driving and other alcohol related traffic offenses. The short term consequences of receiving a DUI/DWI is a temporary suspension of your driver’s license, expensive fines, higher insurance premiums, mandatory court appearances, and even jail time. If you are convicted for drunk driving more than 3 times, the state can seize and sell your vehicle, revoke your driving privileges, and charge you with a felony conviction. Most people believe fighting a DUI or DWI is futile. This is a big mistake. It is always worth fighting a DUI or DWI because of the hidden costs: increased insurance premium or insurance classes. I have experience fighting to protect your rights and the rights of drivers in traffic courts throughout Louisiana. I am here to help you find resolutions to avoid the harshest punishment for drunk driving. For more information about DUI/DWI tickets click here.

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