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Gretna, Louisiana



Each year, numerous motorists get apprehended for driving under the influence and violation involving alcohol-inflicted traffic incidents in Gretna, Louisiana.

Many of these individuals believe they lack viable strategies to counter law enforcement, leading them to accept the prosecutor’s initial offer – a severe misjudgement. If you are facing a DUI charge, you need skilled legal advocacy, not a stain on your record and an otherwise avoidable penalty. Crescent City Law criminal defense attorneys are here to help.

DUIs and DWIs in Louisiana

Crescent City Law is rigorous and determined in our approach to advocating for clients navigating DUI, DWI, and other traffic-related charges. John Radziewicz offers personalized representation to clients facing their first, second, third, or fourth DUI. In Louisiana, three or more DUI offenses can become a felony charge, and Crescent City Law is confident and effective in finding solutions to avoid harsh sentences and jail time.

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Is It Worth Fighting Your DWI?

Yes! Every DUI or DWI charge deserves a strong defense. A DUI allegation can result in undisclosed expenses like elevated insurance rates and mandatory driving courses.

If found guilty of a DUI thrice or more, the state could confiscate and auction your car, withdraw your driving rights, and limit your freedoms through a felony record.

John Radziewicz has a proven record of protecting drivers’ rights in Gretna’s traffic court.

Gretna DUI and Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer You Can Rely On

Each DUI case involves a dual aspect, constituting two distinct proceedings. The legal charges are separate from the driver’s license suspension, and to many facing a DUI charge, preserving their right to drive is equally important as establishing their innocence.

The first license suspension hearing is a prime opportunity to challenge the evidence against you. John Radziewicz boasts extensive experience with safeguarding suspended driver’s licenses in Gretna.

As your attorney, John is committed to vigorously supporting you and aims to preserve your driving rights and secure a provisional license for family, work, studies, and religious commitments.

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