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Crescent City Law, in New Orleans, Louisiana, was founded by personal injury and criminal law attorney John Radziewicz. As a passionate advocate for the underdogs in the courtroom, he aggressively represents his clients in and outside of court, in an effort to obtain the best outcome possible.

John believes a lawyer should offer personalized services to his or her clients while remaining reliable and trustworthy. This attitude has contributed to his reputation as an experienced New Orleans attorney. John is also a notary public for the Parish of Orleans with statewide jurisdiction.

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John Radziewicz

John knows that it’s the imperfections that make you appreciate a person, a city, or an old Jeep, and allows us to keep working towards our improvements.

His years of experience with criminal cases gave him a unique lens to understand the benefits of getting rid of a ticket or even getting an expungement.

John has become well-known in the legal community for making himself almost constantly available for his clients, answering their questions by call or even text message throughout a case.

At the end of the day, John wants to be the lawyer that helps his clients move past their mistakes and their imperfections on to a better life.

Next time you get a ticket, relax, take a deep breath, and contact Crescent City Law. John and his staff got my ticket dismissed! Not only was he outcome AMAZING, but they were also quick to respond to any questions I had (and I had many questions). Highly recommend, don't think twice about it.


William Hargrave

William is the friendly face behind the reception desk, the mastermind of intake, and the aficionado of traffic tickets.

As the first point of contact for our clients, William ensures that every case is set on the right track. Whether it’s navigating the nuances of traffic infractions or delving into the deeper concerns that led a client to seek legal counsel, William is on the case, guiding them through options and consequences with a genuine commitment to finding the best solution for each individual and their unique circumstances.

Joining Crescent City Law with a background in philosophy, William brings a knack for presenting compelling arguments to the table. His philosophical training has proven invaluable in communicating the complexities of criminal convictions and motivating him to champion justice. From gathering the details that allow our attorneys to craft a strong defense to celebrating the thrill of a case dismissal, William finds joy in the camaraderie of a small firm, where his work tangibly transforms lives. Outside the office, you might find him on the front porch, serenading neighbors with the euphonium, or reflecting on life’s intricacies shaped by the wisdom of St. Benedict and his mother’s influential work in family law in Dallas.





I can’t speak highly enough of the professionalism I experienced with Crescent City Law. John was always quick to reply to my numerous questions and was open and honest with me. The process was smooth and easy, and I was ecstatic with the end result. I am very happy to report he went above and beyond my expectations..

A St. Romain

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