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New Orleans

Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Lawyer

Don’t talk to anyone about your drug charge until you’ve talked to a lawyer.

I’m John Radziewicz and as a New Orleans criminal defense attorney, I am passionate about defending my clients’ rights. If you’re facing possession with intent to distribute charges, you can count on me to focus my full attention on your case.

What is the difference between a simple possession charge and possession with intent to distribute in New Orleans? No one knows.

That’s where your defense attorney comes in.

A possession with intent to distribute charge usually relies on circumstantial evidence to get a conviction. That’s why it’s important to exercise your right to remain silent and call a knowledgeable New Orleans criminal defense attorney. You might be able to reduce your charges to possession only or get the charges dismissed altogether.

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Possession with intent to Distribute Attorney in the greater New Orleans area

Are you facing felony drug charges for possession with intent to distribute? These cases are typically not easy to prove with hard evidence, so the authorities will try to find circumstantial evidence against you.

Penalties for possession with intent to distribute drugs in Louisiana depend on the type of drugs found. But if you’re convicted, you could face serious jail time that could lead to barriers to employment, education opportunities, housing, and other necessities throughout the rest of your life.

Every client has unique circumstances. As your New Orleans drug crimes attorney, I will make sure to assess your situation and plan a fierce and dedicated defense. Your story is important to me, whether there is hard evidence or not. I always fight hard to prove my clients’ innocence. And if there is strong evidence against you, you still need a powerful defense to soften the consequences.

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