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Property Damage

Crescent City Law is a committed law firm that advocates for clients in Louisiana who have suffered property damage.

Our experienced team offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of your claim, from managing documentation and negotiating with insurance companies, to conducting thorough investigations into the cause of the damage. We work diligently to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. With a successful track record in handling numerous property damage cases across Louisiana, Crescent City Law is your reliable partner in legal matters.

Our Property Damage Claims Services in Louisiana

At Crescent City Law, we understand the complexities of handling insurance claims and navigating property damage cases in Louisiana. Our mission goes beyond legal representation; we aim to empower our clients and prevent future damage. Led by John Radziewicz, our team is committed to providing dedicated support throughout your legal journey.

Property damage can occur from various causes, such as natural disasters, accidents, or negligence, each requiring a tailored legal approach. Our legal advocates meticulously analyze each case to establish liability and pursue rightful compensation, helping to alleviate the financial burdens of repair costs and loss of property value.

It is important to act promptly, as the Louisiana statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit on property damage is one year, per Louisiana Civil Code Article 3492. Our team at Crescent City Law is equipped to provide robust representation and compassionate guidance, ensuring you receive the support necessary to restore your stability and move forward from the damage sustained.

Louisiana Property Damage Insurance Claim Letter of Denial

In Louisiana, if your property damage insurance claim is denied, you will receive a letter from the insurance company explaining the reasons for the denial. Common reasons for denial include:

  • Policy Exclusions: Your claim might fall under specific circumstances that your policy does not cover.
  • Insufficient Evidence: You may not have provided enough documentation, photographs, or other proof to support your claim.
  • Late Filing: If you file your claim past the deadline set by your insurance policy, it may be denied.
  • Failure to Pay Premiums: Non-payment of premiums can lead to a policy cancellation or a denied claim.
  • Dispute Over the Cause of Loss: The insurance company may deny your claim if they disagree about the cause of the damage or determine that the damage is not covered under your policy.

At Crescent City Law, our experienced attorneys can help you review your policy, collect necessary evidence, negotiate with your insurance company, and, if needed, pursue legal action to seek compensation for your losses.

Types of Property Damage in Louisiana

A property damage lawyer from Crescent City Law can help you with various types of insurance claims in Louisiana. Common types of property damage include damage from the following:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tropical Storms
  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Downed trees
  • House fires
  • Appliance failures
  • Broken water lines
  • Sewer blockages
  • Hurricanes
  • Tropical Storms
  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Downed trees
  • House fires
  • Appliance failures
  • Broken water lines
  • Sewer blockages

Additionally, damage could occur from vehicle accidents on your property or acts of vandalism. If your situation isn’t listed above, contact our property claim attorney in Louisiana for assistance and a free initial consultation.

What Our Louisiana Clients Say

Reianna Marsay

Crescent City Law does outstanding work. They got my case dismissed! From start to finish, they kept me well-informed and up-to-date. I felt heard throughout the entire process and they quickly answered any questions I had. John, Lauren, and William, you all are amazing and I can't thank you enough for your compassion and dedication. I recommend them to everyone!

Michele Langston

When I first called Crescent City Law, I was welcomed warmly and everything was explained clearly. Although I provided some input on my motion, it was well received and implemented. I was surprised at how quickly my case was completed. Thank you, John!

K. Linn

John did an amazing job with my case, which was weighing heavily on me. He worked diligently to alleviate my concerns and ultimately secured the deal I was hoping for. I would recommend his firm to any friend or family member!

Alfredo Avila

I was impressed with the professionalism and dedication of this law firm. The team kept me informed and updated throughout the process and went above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome. I highly recommend this law firm for its client-focused approach.

Our Louisiana Property Damage Case Process

Step 1

Call 504-264-9492 to set up a free initial consultation with our team.

Step 2

We’ll start working with you as soon as possible to understand all the details of your case and develop our legal plan.

Step 3

We’ll fight in court for the justice you deserve.

FAQs About Property Damage Claims in Louisiana

What are the two main types of property damage?

The two main types of property damage are physical injury and loss of use. Physical injury refers to damage to tangible items like furniture, walls, or equipment. Loss of use means the function of an asset is impaired; for example, if an accident blocks access to a business or a neighbor’s renovation cuts off your water supply.

What is the time limit for filing a property damage lawsuit in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, you have one year to file a property damage lawsuit, as outlined in Louisiana Civil Code Article 3492. It’s important to act promptly to protect your rights. Consulting with a knowledgeable property damage lawyer can ensure your claim is filed on time and handled properly.

What can you do if your insurance claim is underpaid or denied?

If your insurance company underpays or denies your claim, it’s wise to consult an experienced insurance attorney. You may be entitled to additional damages, penalties, or interest under your policy.

What are the common types of property damage in Louisiana?

Common property damage in Louisiana includes damage from hurricanes, tropical storms, lightning, wind, downed trees, house fires, appliance failures, broken water lines, and sewer blockages. Damage can also occur from vehicle accidents on your property or acts of vandalism.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Property Damage Claim?

While you’re not legally required to have a lawyer for a property damage claim, hiring one can be financially advantageous. A lawyer will assess the value of your damages, document your claim, negotiate with the insurer, and help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Additionally, having a lawyer can provide emotional relief and support, peace of mind, and significantly reduce stress about the situation.

Get Started on Your Louisiana Property Damage Claim Today

At Crescent City Law, we’re here to alleviate the stress of your property damage claim by handling all the legal complexities, allowing you to focus on what matters more—moving forward. Our priority is to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve without settling for less. Contact our experienced property damage legal team to get started on your claim today.

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