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Hahnville, Louisiana



Every year, many motorists face arrests due to alcohol-related and drunk driving traffic violations on Hahnville, Louisiana streets.

A considerable portion of these individuals believe they do not have adequate defenses against their charges, and choose to accept the initial plea presented by the prosecutor. This is a significant mistake, and if you are dealing with a DUI charge, you need a proficient legal advocate – not a stain on your record and unnecessary penalty.

That’s where Crescent City Law comes in.

Hahnville DUI and Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer You Can Rely On

DUI cases have two distinct aspects, and each one is separate: criminal charges and driver’s license suspension. Preserving one’s driving privileges is crucial, akin to proving and maintaining innocence. John Radziewicz has extensive experience protecting numerous suspended licenses in Hahnville. He is dedicated to helping you retain your license or obtaining a provisional one for essential personal and professional commitments.

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Is It Worth Fighting Your DWI?


Every DUI or DWI charge is worth contesting. Beyond penalties like fines, a DUI offense allegation carries hidden expenses like increased insurance rates and mandatory driving classes.

Also, if you incur three or more DUI convictions, the state might seize and auction your vehicle, revoke your driving rights, and compromise your freedoms with a felony record. John Radziewicz is adept at safeguarding driver’s rights in the Hahnville traffic court.

How a Edgard Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Navigating the legal intricacies of DUI and DWI cases demands professional experience.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can analyze the details of your case, challenge evidence, and identify potential procedural errors. Furthermore, our team can negotiate with prosecutors for favorable outcomes and represent you in court if necessary.

At Crescent City Law, attorney John Radziewicz is well-versed in Louisiana’s DUI laws, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic defense tailored to your unique circumstances.

DUIs in Louisiana – And How Crescent City Law Can Help

Crescent City Law delivers assertive, dedicated, and tailored advocacy for individuals facing DUI, DWI, and various traffic violations charges in Hahnville and throughout Louisiana. John Radziewicz represents those accused of initial, subsequent, and multiple DUI offenses. Accruing three or more DUI offenses in Louisiana can result in a felony charge, resulting in severe repercussions. John has years of experience handling DUI cases with a track record of successful outcomes, and adeptly identifies solutions to mitigate severe penalties and incarceration.

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