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Kenner DUI Lawyer

As a law firm, we know just how devastating interactions with law enforcement in Kenner, Louisiana can be. A charge for a DUI or DWI can forever change a person’s life. It can break their bank account, terminate their employment, lead to jail time, and result in a criminal charge that stains their record for life. Many times the system is just not fair. John Radziewicz is prepared to deliver the fiercest and dedicated defense to protect your rights.

*You can read more here about what you can expect if you’re pulled over for a DUI*

Bold Representation | Free Consultation

Whether you’re facing a DUI or DWI charge for the first time or you are at risk of getting convicted for a third, Crescent City Law works hard to deliver an aggressive defense for drivers in Kenner, Louisiana. John Radziewicz understands how harsh Louisiana law can be– that’s why he strategizes with confidence and boldness for all his clients. He can fight your charge and work to get it dismissed or reduced.

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Your License is Important | Kenner DUI Lawyer You Can Count On

When it comes to DUIs or DWIs, it’s a two-punch combo. Fighting a charge and preventing your license from being revoked. Both are essential to keeping your life from getting disrupted. Crescent City Law works hard on our clients’ cases, while making sure they don’t lose their license at the DMV. John Radziewicz keeps a small case load to provide personal attention and sharp eyes on every small detail in each case. Helping keep your life on track is what we strive for.

Is It Worth Fighting Your DWI?

Of course! And you can contact Crescent City Law for a thorough review of the unique facts of your case. Explain exactly what happened in as much detail as you can remember, and John Radziewicz and his legal team will get to work on clearing your driving record. This is the in-depth assistance you need to overcome the legal complexities of this unfortunate event. Let your attorney dispute the traffic violation on your behalf and you will be liberated to live your life as desired without worry of a potential driver’s license suspension, revocation or other interruption.

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If you have a DUI or DWI case you want to fight, please reach out to me. Evening, weekend and offsite meetings are available by appointment.

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