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Luling, Louisiana



Each year, Luling roads and roads throughout Louisiana witness thousands of driver arrests alcohol-related traffic and drunk driving violations.

Many of these individuals mistakenly believe they do not have a defense against law enforcement, leading them to hastily accept initial plea offers from prosecutors. However, this can result in major consequences. If you are facing a DUI charge, you must seek an experienced legal representative to avoid a damaging conviction on your record and avoidable hefty penalties. Crescent City Law is here for you.

Crescent City Law and DUI Charges in Louisiana

Crescent City Law provides dedicated and tailored defense for drivers facing DUI, DWI, and traffic charges in Luling. Attorney John Radziewicz represents clients with varying DUI charges.

In Louisiana, accumulating three or more DUI offenses leads to a felony charge with severe penalties. John’s assured strategies and resolute approach lead to effective resolutions that mitigate strict sentencing and incarceration.

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Is It Worth Fighting Your DWI?


Every DUI and DWI charge justifies a dedicated defense. While facing drunk driving charges, hidden expenses like higher insurance rates and driving classes emerge. With three or more convictions, the state can seize your car, revoke your driving rights, and limit your freedoms limited due to a felony classification. John Radziewicz has the knowledge and experience to champion driver’s rights in Luling traffic court.

Luling DUI and Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer You Can Rely On

DUI cases come with two components: criminal charges and license suspension and to many facing a DUI, upholding one’s driving rights is as important as proving innocence.

The license suspension hearing presents your initial chance to challenge evidence. John Radziewics has experience in safeguarding Luling licenses.

Count on him to preserve your driver’s rights or attain a provisional license so you can continue with daily family, work, school, and other commitments.

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