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Madisonville, Louisiana



Annually, numerous motorists face arrest for alcohol and drunk driving-related offenses in Madisonville, Louisiana.

Many of these individuals are unfamiliar with the legal system and believe they do not have an adequate defense against law enforcement officials. Consequently, they quickly accept the initial plea deal presented by the prosecutor, which proves to be a grave error. If you are facing a DUI charge, you require adept legal representation to avoid receiving a conviction on your criminal record alongside an avoidable penalty.

Madisonville DUI and Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer You Can Rely On

Each DUI case has a dual nature: one pertains to criminal charges and the other to the driver’s license suspension. For many, preserving their driving privileges is as significant as maintaining their innocence. The initial hearing for license suspension serves as the first chance to challenge the presented evidence against you. John Radziewicz has extensive experience protecting suspended driver’s licenses in Madisonville, Louisiana. As your attorney, I am committed to diligently helping you keep your driver’s license or obtain a provisional license, allowing you to meet family, work, education, and religious obligations.

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Is It Worth Fighting Your DWI in Madisonville, LA?

Absolutely! Every DWI or DUI charge is worth contesting. Navigating DUI accusations carries concealed expenses like higher insurance rates and mandatory driving classes. If you receive three or more drunk driving convictions, the state can confiscate and auction your vehicle, revoke your driver’s license, and infringe upon your constitutional rights through a felony conviction. John Radziewicz has a background in advocating for your rights as well as the rights of drivers in traffic courts all over Louisiana.

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Crescent City Law provides assertive, enthusiastic, and individualized advocacy for individuals facing DUI, DWI, and various traffic violations in Madisonville, Louisiana. John Radziewicz offers legal counsel to people disputing their first, second, third, or fourth DUI. In Louisiana, having three or more DUIs results in a felony charge with strict consequences. John has a proven track record of developing solutions that mitigate severe penalties and the prospect of incarceration.

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