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Traffic Tickets

How to Pay your Ticket in New Orleans Traffic Court

BEFORE YOU PAY: do not panic. It is never cheaper to simply pay a ticket online or at the courthouse– even if you feel you were guilty of the offense.

Our attorneys can help you save hundreds of dollars by fighting your ticket, reducing the fines and fees, asking the judge to waive court costs and contempt fines, and save you money on your insurance.

The right New Orleans traffic ticket attorney will fiercely advocate on your behalf to minimize your financial penalty or even eliminate the penalty altogether.

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Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana Could Save You Time and Money...

But if you decide to pay it yourself, here are your choices:

The New Orleans Traffic Court address is 1601 Perdido Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112. You can pay with cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. No personal checks are accepted.

Please note that if your driver’s license was confiscated, it will be returned to you by mail after full payment for your traffic citation, including any late fees, have been received by the New Orleans Traffic Court (504) 658-8500).

You can mail a money order the New Orleans Traffic Court to make your payment. No cash, personal checks or credit cards can be used as payment by mail. The money order should be made payable to the “City of New Orleans” and include your ticket number, name, address and phone number. You must also postmark your letter on or before the appearance date written on the front of your traffic ticket. If it is late, you’re going to have to include an additional $100 contempt fee in order for your case to be completed and changed from “open” to “closed.”

The mailing address for Traffic Court is:
New Orleans Traffic Court
1601 Perdido Street,
New Orleans, LA 70112


I recommend mailing the check with some kind of tracking number so you have proof the check arrived at the New Orleans Traffic Court.

You can pay tickets for online at:

Online payments for tickets in New Orleans require you to have your ticket number. In New Orleans, the ticket number is written twice on the ticket and it starts with a letter followed by 6 or 7 numbers. There is a processing fee associated with online payments.

Click here to pay your ticket online in New Orleans

New Orleans traffic court does not accept payment over the phone.

Always remember to include your ticket number or case number on your check. The ticket number or case number are the best ways for the Clerk’s Office to know which ticket to apply your payment to.

Contact A Lawyer Who Can Fight Your Ticket In New Orleans

It’s possible to get a speeding ticket reduced from a moving violation to a non-moving violation. Sometimes it’s possible to get the ticket dismissed or into Diversion in New Orleans Traffic Court. As your traffic ticket lawyer, I will represent your case in court and aggressively fight to get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

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Next time you get a ticket, relax, take a deep breath, and contact Crescent City Law. John and his staff got my ticket dismissed! Not only was he outcome AMAZING, but they were also quick to respond to any questions I had (and I had many questions). Highly recommend, don't think twice about it.


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