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Arrested in New Orleans Louisiana? Don’t Use Public Defender’s Office

Don’t Rely on the New Orleans Public Defenders Office—Call Crescent City Law

Public Defenders Office Issues in New Orleans:

60 Minutes recently covered a story about the New Orleans Public Defenders office, speaking with nine current and former employees. The piece focused on the issues of serious underfunding and understaffing at the New Orleans Public Defenders office.

More than 80% of defendants in New Orleans can’t afford a lawyer and therefore rely on a public defender. The public defenders interviewed for the 60 Minutes story admitted that they believe many innocent people have been imprisoned due to their lack of resources and adequate representation. Each defendant is only afforded about 5 minutes with their public defender, due to lack of time and staff.

Not having adequate representation would be bad enough in itself, but it is exacerbated by the fact that New Orleans has the highest incarceration rate in Louisiana. In addition, there is no state with a higher rate of wrongful convictions. As sad as it is, you do not want to leave your fate up to the New Orleans Public Defenders office.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in New Orleans, please contact Crescent City Law today. The attorneys at Crescent City Law offer aggressive and passionate representation for the people of New Orleans. We always work tirelessly to protect your rights and fight for the justice you deserve.

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We are available nights and weekends. Also, in certain situations, we can meet you off-site. Don’t let an arrest in New Orleans ruin your life – Crescent City Law is here to help!

Have You Been Accused of a Crime? Don’t Leave Your Fate in the Hands of the Overworked and Understaffed Public Defenders Office!


Have you been accused of a crime in New Orleans? It is well known that New Orleans public defenders are over-worked and have more clients than they can handle. Many public defenders in New Orleans have even admitted that they believe innocent people have been imprisoned, due to their lack of manpower and resources. Don’t be one of those innocent people! We have a team of experienced lawyers at Crescent City Law ready to take on your case! You can fill out an online contact form here.

Hire Crescent City Law—Contact Us for a FREE Consultation


Our legal team at Crescent City Law will always fight for the people of New Orleans. Come in for a FREE consultation or start the process immediately by filling out an online contact form here! Don’t leave your case up to chance by securing a public defender.

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