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Suspended License

How to get a Suspended License Fixed

There is no sense having a driver’s license if it is suspended.  Whether you have not paid your tickets, failed to appear in court, or if you missed an insurance payment, the resulting suspension of your driver’s license will make life awfully challenging.  You need a valid driver’s license and a vehicle to get around town, go to work and enjoy a high quality of life.

What to do if You Suspect Your Driver’s License has Been Suspended

If you think your driver’s license might be suspended, the first step is to contact the DMV for a reinstatement inquiry.  Their website is: Louisiana DMV Reinstatement Inquiry.  If you do not know your driver’s license number and/or don’t have a social security number, you must call the DMV to get the answer.  The reinstatement inquiry will reveal most of the steps we need to do to get you a valid driver’s license.

What to do After Learning Your Driver’s License has Been Suspended

For the most part, the degree of your driving offense dictates the length of time your driver’s license will be suspended.  You need an experienced attorney on your side to reduce the driving offense to the lowest level possible. Though a suspended driver’s license is still considered to be a legitimate form of identification if it has not expired, you will not be able to legally drive until he suspension ends.  Our legal team is here to advocate on your behalf, minimize the suspension, reduce the severity of the driving offense and clear your good name.

The Quest to make a Driver’s License Valid

One of the most common mistakes people make after traffic drama is to assume there are no options.  The truth is there are several options available for everyone, regardless of whether the driver’s license suspension stems from unpaid traffic tickets or something else.  Though most people are willing to resolve such unpaid tickets. The question is what the best route is to reach a fair and just conclusion. Here are some options we’ve used in the past:

  1. Fight each of the old tickets individually.
  2. Filed motions to dismiss old tickets because they are too old to be prosecuted.
  3. Work with local judges to get one lump sum price for all of the tickets so you can get a license.
  4. Sue the DMV to require them to issue you a license.
  5. It is also possible to request that the court provide an alternative program for payment such as community service.


Do not Drive Until the Matter is Resolved

There is no excuse for driving a suspended driver’s license.  If you get behind the wheel during the suspension period, you can be arrested, your license suspension can be extended for an additional 1 year period, and you can be fined.  

Strive for the Overarching aim of Cleaning up Your Driving Record

Though it will take some time and effort to get your driver’s license in good standing, it is well worth it.  Let the legal professionals work their magic so you can focus on returning normalcy to your life. We will represent you at hearings, fill out all requested forms, comply with all aspects of the law and get you in good standing with the DMV for continued driving. Once your driving record is clean, you will be able to get back on the road without feeling paranoid.  So be sure to keep the end in sight throughout this ordeal. At some point the suspension will terminate and you will be back behind the wheel.

Crescent City Law helps an average of 2 people per week get their driving privileges back.  Contact our attorney’s today at (504) 264-9492.

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