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Criminal Defense

It’s Time to FIRE your Louisiana Public Defender… Here’s Why

When’s the last time you saw your public defender? When’s the last time they visited your loved one in jail? When’s the last time you called their office and spoke to them on the phone? Or even returned your calls?

I bet it’s been a long time.

At Crescent City Law, we care about our clients. When you hire our firm, the first thing we’ll do is schedule an appointment with you to talk about you. We’ll talk about what matters to you, we’ll talk about what you want, we’ll talk about your future, and we’ll take the time to hear how your criminal conviction will change your future. 

So how is working with us different than working with a public defender?

Crescent City Law Attorneys v. A Louisiana Public Defenders

Let’s talk some hard facts. 

To your public defender, you’re a file. A case number. And just a piece of their caseload. How much time do they really have for you, your case, and your life-altering circumstances?

  1. Public Defenders are overworked. They are probably working seven days a week handling your case and another 100 others.
  2. Most public defenders in New Orleans are not from Louisiana. Many public defenders come to New Orleans temporarily and then leave—leaving you and your case behind.
  3. Many public defenders don’t have a long-standing relationship with their Judge. It is always smart to hire a lawyer who has long-standing relationship with judges built on trust and honesty. The better the relationship between the lawyer and the judge, the better your chances for your case.

Of course, our team respects public defenders and the work that they do. There are some truly great public defenders out there – but they often are overworked and can’t provide the exceptional service that we work so hard to provide with our clients.

At Crescent City Law, we strive to work more efficiently. We make time for you. At our firm, you’re not a file, you’re not a case number. You’re a person with a story and dreams. We are here to help tell your story so you can live those dreams.

Plus, hiring a private criminal defense attorney won’t break the bank like you think it will…

Can I Afford a New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney?

The short answer is absolutely yes.

But, this might be the first time you’ve ever had to hire an attorney in your life. 

Even if you know how much it is going to cost for Crescent City Law to provide you with really great legal services, you’re probably wondering how you’ll afford it. And you’re not alone. 

I’m gonna come right to the point: You can afford a private lawyer to defend your case.

Let’s talk about how we can help make it affordable for you.

  1. If you already have some money set aside to pay a lawyer, we accept cash, checks, credit cards, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, and PayPal.  
  2. But if you weren’t planning to get arrested (who ever really is?) and you just paid rent, your car note, you’ve got kids, and simply have other bills you’ve already committed to pay, we can help you find the money to pay for the valuable legal services we provide.

We work with Affirm and Affinipay to help get you financing without breaking your budget.  Here’s how it works:

    • You’ll be sent a special link from Client Credit, our credit card processor, with your invoice.
    • The link will bring you to a page that says “Invoice Payment” at the top and there will be an amount in the payment amount box. In the payment method section, select “Pay Later” to apply for financing.
    • Complete a simple application and select the monthly payment terms that fit your needs and budget.
    • Confirm your loan to complete the bill payment.
  • If you don’t qualify for Client Credit, our last option is to provide in-house financing. For example, we’ll ask you to pay a deposit to retain the firm, create an affordable payment plan, and collect your credit/debit card information so we can charge your card according to the payment plan. You can choose to pay weekly, every two weeks, or once per month – whichever works best for you.

Contact Crescent City Law Today

We look forward to helping you with your case. If you’d like to discuss financing, or anything about your case, schedule a FREE appointment today.

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