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LSU Signs Contract to Produce Medical Marijuana

LSU Agriculture Center Finds Contractor for Louisiana Medical Marijuana Production

New Orleans Criminal Lawyer: Medical marijuana is moving closer and closer to production in Louisiana. Louisiana State University (LSU) recently chose a contractor to run the growing operation. GB Sciences, a company based out of Nevada with an affiliate here in Louisiana, was chosen out of seven possible vendors.

GB Sciences has agreed to an annual contribution of $500,000 to LSU for the research. In addition, Louisiana is expected to generate $3.4 million over the next five years for its flagship university.  In 2015, Louisiana lawmakers agreed to develop a framework for dispensing medical marijuana in the state. LSU’s Board of Supervisors gave the university permission to begin working on details with GB Sciences and to start the growing process.

The law will make medical marijuana available for cancer patients, people with severe cerebral palsy, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, seizure disorder, and many other diseases. Patients approved for medical marijuana will have access to the drug by next year.

In addition to LSU, Southern University is also authorized to grow medical marijuana in Louisiana. Both of these universities still remain in planning stages to get the business running. Southern University is looking to choose a vendor by the end of this year.

Tax dollars will not be used in the production of medicinal marijuana in Louisiana. The start up cost is around $11 million, which will be covered by a contractor or multiple contractors. The growing process will not be on campus, and students will not be involved. Also, the security will be high.

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