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Slip and Fall in a Louisiana Restaurant? Here’s What You Need To Do

Accidents can happen anywhere, but one of the most common places where they occur is in restaurants.

That is because of the amount of foot traffic on floors that can be wet or greasy, which are almost optimal conditions for a slip and fall. This is especially true during Mardi Gras, when crowds are larger and people are more likely to be drunk and reckless.

In 2016, more than 48,000 Americans experienced a slip and fall in a public venue. While many of these were not serious, some of them led to severe injuries including 697 fatalities. 

If you suffer a slip and fall in a restaurant or at any other kind of public area in New Orleans, Louisiana, contact John Radziewicz at Crescent City Law to discuss how you can receive compensation for your injuries.

What Is the First Thing I Should Do After a Slip and Fall?

Your first priority, of course, after a slip and fall should be making sure that you are okay. 

Don’t try to get up until medical professionals have arrived. 

If someone attempts to help you up, politely decline and explain you don’t want to injure yourself any further.

Even if you believe that you are not seriously injured, you should see a physician or visit the emergency room immediately after the accident. You may not realize how badly you are hurt until symptoms begin to appear hours or days later, at which point it may be more difficult to treat or confirm they came from the inciting accident. 

For example, if you sustained a concussion, you may not realize how badly you are hurt until several hours later when you could be faced with a life-threatening situation.

How Should I Alert the Restaurant Manager?

Once a slip and fall has occurred, you need to immediately notify the manager of the restaurant. You should, however, be careful about what you say. 

You don’t want to share what kind of condition you are in or how much pain you are feeling. 

Also, you shouldn’t discuss what circumstances led to the slip and fall. For example, never say that you were on your phone when the accident occurred.

If the restaurant manager writes up a report of the incident, ask for a copy. That way you have proof that the accident happened. 

Before you leave the restaurant, it will help your case if you can ask whether anyone has slipped or fell from the condition before.  The restaurant’s prior knowledge of the danger will help your case.

Finally, ask the manager to call an ambulance for you; that way it becomes a matter of Louisiana public record that a slip and fall has happened.

How Should I Document the Scene?

If you are able, take photos where you fell so that it is verified that there was liquid on the floor or a lack of warning signs. 

Also take some more expansive photos that reveal how people move along the scene.

You should also take photos of any cuts, bruises or scrapes you have suffered. Take photos of the state of your clothing after the incident—especially your shoes. That way, it will be difficult to argue that you were wearing improper footwear.

Gather witnesses’ contact information.  You might need them to help describe what you slipped on.

The most important thing that you should do, after all of the above, is hire an accident attorney with years of experience handling slip and fall cases. 

With the right attorney, you can preserve all of the evidence needed to file a claim against the restaurant’s insurer or, if necessary, file a lawsuit and go to trial.

Hire Crescent City Law for Your Slip and Fall Case

John Radziewicz has years of experience as a personal injury attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana. With a reputation for fighting for every penny that his clients deserve, John Radziewicz will put his considerable legal expertise to work so that you get the best possible outcome. Contact Crescent City Law today to schedule a consultation and talk about your case.

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