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Traffic Tickets

How to Pay Your Traffic Fines in Gretna Mayor's Court

I am often asked how to pay tickets received in Gretna, Louisiana. In Gretna, tickets which are only issued by the Gretna Police Department are heard by the Gretna Mayor’s Court in Gretna, LA. After referring many people to the clerk’s office for the answer, I finally called myself. Below are your choices.

Payment for Traffic Tickets in Gretna, Louisiana

According to the Clerk’s Office, there are four options for payment:

You can go to the Mayor’s Court Clerk of Court to make your payment. The Mayor’s Court is located at 327 Huey P. Long Avenue in Gretna, Louisiana 70053. Their phone number is (504) 227-7325.

You can You can mail a money order or cashier’s check to the Mayor’s Court Clerk of Court to make your payment. The Mayor’s Court is located at 327 Huey P. Long Avenue in Gretna, Louisiana 70053.

The mailing address for Mayor’s Court in Gretna is:
Mayor’s Court Clerk of Court
327 Huey P. Long Avenue
Gretna, Louisiana 70053

I recommend mailing the check with some kind of tracking number, so you have proof the check arrived at the Sheriff’s Office.

Tickets can be paid online at:

Online payments for tickets in Gretna require you to have your ticket number (E028652).

Please note the court assesses a 2.49% convenience fee for credit/debit card payments.

Click here to pay your ticket online in Gretna Mayor's Court

You can call the Mayor’s Court Clerk’s office to pay by credit card or debit card over the phone. Their number is (504) 227-7325.

Always remember to include your ticket number on your check or have it available when you pay over the phone. The ticket number is the best way for the Clerk’s Office to know which ticket to apply your payment to.
These methods are only available for tickets issued in Gretna by Gretna Police. If you ticket was issued in other places on the Westbank by JPSO, then your ticket will go to 2nd Parish Court or another municipal court if it was issued by another police department.

Hire A Lawyer To Fight Your Ticket In Gretna

It’s possible to get a speeding ticket dismissed or reduced from a moving violation to a non-moving violation. As your traffic ticket lawyer, I will represent your case in court and aggressively fight to get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

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