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LA Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform – Louisiana Criminal Justice Reform: On June 5, 2017, the Louisiana legislature agreed to the rough outline of a major criminal justice overhaul, which is predicted to lower the State’s prison population by 10 percent and save nearly $80 Million over the next decade.  This criminal justice reformation could be a defining achievement for Governor John Bel Edwards and State lawmakers. During his candidacy, Edwards committed to lowering Louisiana’s prison population in order to move the State from having the highest incarceration rate in the entire country to having the second highest.

For too long, Louisiana has had the highest incarceration rate in the nation,” Edwards said in a written statement. “We will begin to reverse that very soon.”

The package includes multiple bills, and if enacted:

  1. Defendants convicted in the future of crimes of theft, burglary and drugs would face shorter sentences, shorter parole, and shorter probation periods.
  2. Thresholds for being sent to prison in some cases would be raised.
  3. The number of people on probation and parole would increase by 1,200 over the next two years.
  4. When inmates first come out of prison, they would face fewer financial burdens.
  5. Judges would be allowed to reduce and waive fines for ex-inmates who cannot pay.
  6. Ex-inmates wouldn’t be faced with large child support bills that have accrued while they have been behind bars.
  7. Drug felons could qualify for food stamps and other welfare benefits.
  8. Ex-convicts would have an easier time attaining a business license.
  9. Notification to crime victims when criminals come up for probation would be strengthened.

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