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Marijuana Worker Protection Bill Signed into Law

Marijuana Worker Protection in Louisiana: Last summer, residents of Louisiana rejoiced when they learned there would be far more lenient consequences for Marijuana possession, particularly for repeat offenders.

The new law applies to anyone over the age of 17 carrying less that 2.5 pounds of weed. Officers can still technically arrest any subject for possession under the much stricter Louisiana state law, but will need the signature and approval of a supervisor to do so.

This year has brought us yet another development, specifically in regards to Medical Marijuana. On June 22, Governor John Bel Edwards signed Sen. SB 35, fixing a potentially devastating flaw in the state’s medical marijuana program. SB 35 protects medical marijuana industry workers from arrest and prosecution for simply going to work.

The passage of SB 35 marks another improvement to the state’s medical marijuana program, which, believe it or not, was first enacted in 1978.

However, since that time, the law has been unworkable. The 2016 legislative session saw the passage of two bills, both offered by Sen. Fred Mills and signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards.  This led to some key changes that significantly improved a 2015 law.

SB 35 represents an important victory along the path towards a sustainable program, but flaws remain. Current regulations depend on doctors engaging in conduct that could put them at risk under federal law. And, even if that flaw is fixed, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) would still not consider Louisiana’s current law effective because it fails to allow vaping. It also leaves behind patients with severe and/or chronic pain.

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