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Traffic Tickets

Ensure You’re Going into the New Year Without Any Traffic Tickets

A new year, a new decade, a clear driving record, and low insurance rates. Unfortunately, traffic violations are almost a way of life for commuters and frequent drivers. However, with the right assistance, you can avoid these violations from staying with you, or even stop them before they appear on your record. 

In this article we discuss potential consequences for receiving a traffic violation and the effect they can have on your driving record. We also provide information on the easiest and most effective way to handle traffic violations to ensure you’re going into the new year ticket-free.

Traffic Violations in Louisiana

Unlike most states in the U.S., Louisiana doesn’t participate in a points-based driving system. (Meaning drivers don’t start out with a particular number of points, and have those points deducted each time they receive a traffic violation.) However, the system is very similar, and your license can be suspended or revoked after you are ticketed for several moving violations. 

Moreover, under Louisiana law, if you don’t pay these tickets after a certain amount of time (and we all know how expensive a speeding or other ticket can be) a court can issue a warrant for your arrest. If such a warrant is issued under your name and you are pulled over for any reason in the future, you can legally be placed under arrest and taken to jail.

Fighting a Violation

Although the law for receiving a simple traffic ticket may seem drastic, you’re not completely out of luck if you find yourself in such a situation. It is possible to fight these violations in court. However, many people assume that the burden of navigating the legal process and going to court isn’t worth the hassle. This is a risky, and potentially expensive assumption. 

With the right knowledge and the right professionals working with you, it can be a lot simpler than one may imagine. 

By engaging an experienced and qualified traffic attorney, it may be as simple as sending your ticket in, letting them handle the entire process, and receiving a desired outcome in a short amount of time. An attorney can evaluate your case, develop a plan to defend your position, and even go to court on your behalf and handle all communication with judges and other lawyers. 

Not only does this save you the hassle and time of dealing with the court system, it can also save you money with associated late fees, keep your insurance from increasing due to a moving violation, and even ensure that any violation is removed from your driving record permanently.

Digital Portal in a Digital World

While some lawyers or law firms will ease the burden associated with fighting a traffic violation, the most efficient and effective method for handling your case is online. The Crescent City Law digital portal makes it easier than ever to have an experienced attorney fight on your behalf. 

Through the Crescent City Law website, you can simply upload your ticket and wait for an attorney to get back to you with a detailed plan to defend your wrongfully issued citation. Furthermore, you can have an attorney review your ticket (or tickets) and develop the best legal strategy for having these tickets removed from your record entirely. 

Moving violations in Louisiana can be one of the most inconvenient, expensive and time-consuming legal issues that drivers face. As we go into 2020, make sure that your record is clear, and you go in with a fresh start. Engage a qualified and experienced attorney to help you navigate this process and start the new decade out the right way. 

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