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Hiring a Lawyer to Defend Your Child in a Juvenile Case

As an adult, you might know what to do when or if you are arrested. But, as an adult, do you know what to do if your child gets arrested? As a Criminal Defense Attorney in the City of New Orleans, I am thankfully faced with this question less often than adults getting arrested, but I can help you or your loved ones if he or she is in trouble. Watching your child get in trouble with the law can be extremely nerve-wracking and heart breaking. To ensure that your child’s rights are not being violated, it is important to remember these important things.

When Should I Seek the Help of a Juvenile Defense Lawyer in New Orleans?

If your child has recently gotten into trouble with the law, it is advisable to seek a juvenile defense attorney. Some criminal acts your child may be arrested for include, but are not limited to: drug charges, theft such as shoplifting, underage drinking or possession of alcohol, assault or battery, vandalism such as destruction of property, trespassing, driving without a driver’s license, or resistance to arrest.

Find an Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney as Soon as Possible

Even if the police officer involved in your child’s arrest says you do not need a lawyer, it is recommended that you seek out a juvenile defense attorney in this instance. What your child says to the police officer can be used and held against him or her during juvenile court proceedings.

What Should My Child Do If He or She is Arrested?

The juvenile involved in the crime does not generally need to speak to the police without a lawyer present. What he or she says can be used to uphold the allegations and be used in juvenile court proceedings. If your child uses the assistance of a Juvenile Defense Attorney, they have the opportunity to help ensure that if your child is innocent you will have a chance to have the charges dropped. Interrogation rooms often have hidden cameras and voice recorders that your child may not be aware of so it is important that they have a lawyer present with them. In other words, your child may get taken advantage of.

What Can a Juvenile Defense Lawyer Do For My Child?

Obtaining a Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Louisiana can offer your child the chance to prove his or her innocence. Your attorney can try to convince a probation officer not to request a juvenile petition to be filed, can request a minor’s release, can convince the District Attorney not to file charges in the first place, can request that probation is informally supervised without filing a petition, can convince the District Attorney to file a lesser charge, can suggest a rehabilitation program as probation for your child, and can fight to have your child acquitted of any charges in trial.

What Kind of Information Does My Child’s Attorney Need?

Any information that can help your child’s defense is helpful including any witnesses in favor of your child’s defense or any disabilities or mental illnesses your child may have. Turning over good grades, community service reports or anything else that shows your child’s good graces can also help.

How Can I Find a Juvenile Defense Attorney in New Orleans?

You’ve come to the right place. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or Contact Me if you would like to talk about your child’s pending juvenile court case. I am here to help.

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