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Traffic Court: Why a Lawyer Can Help Ease the Worries

In New Orleans, there are a number of different traffic offenses you must consider while driving down the streets: speeding, wrong turns, wrong way down a one-way, rolling through a stop sign, speeding in a school zone, making an illegal right turn or U-turn, and the list goes on. Have you ever found yourself receiving a moving violation or a ticket in Orleans Parish that you do not think you deserve? In this case, you may way to reconsider paying the fine and, instead, attempting to plead not guilty in traffic court. Going to court alone can seem scary, and although it most likely is not, depending on your situation, you may not want to go to traffic court by yourself.  There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider hiring a lawyer to fight your traffic ticket for you:

1. You are innocent

If you believe you are innocent of what you’ve been charged with, then you will want to plead not guilty. You will first want to notify the court via mailing your ticket and marking the appropriate area on the ticket/envelope. There will be a hearing date printed on your ticket which you, or your attorney, will be required to attend. Though an attorney is not required, you may feel more comfortable with someone who has been through the process and also understands your rights. Consider the charges that you could face. Is it possible for you to lose your license?  Even if you might not lose your license, points may be added to your driver’s license record which can result in heavy fines or charges in the future. (As well as an increase in your insurance!) Consider hiring a traffic attorney to help you with everything from preparing the case to attending court with you and appealing a guilty verdict.

2. You have previous traffic violations in recent years

Although the current traffic violation you were charged with may seem minor to most people, it may not be minor to you. If you have been guilty of previous traffic violations in the last approximately five years, you may want to consider hiring a traffic lawyer to help you in traffic court.  The charges associated with repeat offenders may be higher than that for a first offense and you will want to ensure that you do not lose your driver’s license, or worse, over a few speeding tickets.  With the assistance of a traffic lawyer, you may be able to enter into a plea bargain by taking a defensive driving course, a written examination again, or paying a small fine.

3. You were charged with a DUI / DWI or other violation that will a require court appearance or potential jail time

If you were pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, you will want to call an attorney to assist you with your case immediately. I am available to help with this. There are many instances in which hiring a traffic attorney will help your case and benefit you in the long run. If you have been in any recent troubles, or know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or Contact Me. I will be happy to speak with you.

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