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New Orleans to Double Traffic Safety Cameras in 2017

On Thursday, October 17th, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu included twice as many traffic safety cameras in the 2017 proposed budget. These cameras are typically installed to catch drivers speeding or running red lights in New Orleans and then civilly fine the owner’s of the vehicle caught on camera.

What is the Mayor Saying?

This has come as a result of a steady flow of residents’ complaints about drivers at dangerous intersections around the city. There are currently 66 “red light cameras” in the city but the Mayor plans to add an additional 56 cameras in 2017. Deputy Mayor Jeff Hebert says that the new cameras will focus around school zones and “dangerous intersections.”

The new cameras will also include 10 mobile units that will be used along some of the high speed areas. Mobile units are usually attached to either a car that can be moved or a trailer that is moved from place to catch would-be violators. New State law requires cameras to have warning signs at least 500 feet before a traffic camera and I am not sure how these mobile units will be able to meet the requirement. The City Council is now in discussions with the Mayor regarding next year’s proposed budget and these numbers will be finalized.

Is It Really About Safety or Money?

Although the Mayor states that the reason for the increased traffic cameras is due to complaints from neighbors and residents about speeding and people running red lights, a lot of people believe this is strictly a money and budget decision. The City Economist Deborah Vivian estimates that the red light cameras for 2016 will bring in $16 million, while the forecasted revenue for 2017 would bring in $24 million. The cost of the cameras will be approximately $3 million, so there would still be an increase in bottom line of $5 million.

Do I have to Pay My Red Light Tickets in Orleans Parish?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding red light tickets throughout Louisiana. These tickets are issued automatically to the owner of the car that is caught speeding or running a red light. It is not issued to the driver, which can hurt a lot of drivers. Even if your car is stolen, and whoever steals your car speeds or runs a red light, you are the one that will receive this ticket. Unfortunately, you may have an impossible time getting it dismissed unless you call a traffic ticket lawyer such as John Radziewicz with Crescent City Law.

If you get one of these tickets, you are not going to get any points added to your driver’s license and your insurance will not go up, but failure to pay your tickets may hurt you when you have to renew your driver’s license or car registration. Additionally, New Orleans has added a lot of boots to its inventory and your car is most likely to be booted resulting in additional fines and a huge hassle.

If you have multiple red light camera tickets, call Crescent City Law at (504) 264-9492 and we will help you negotiate a reduced payment and save you money. Our lawyers have experience with Orleans Parish red light camera tickets and want to help you because we do not think that there is a constitutional right by the city to fine someone even if they did not commit the crime. We are available nights, weekends and can meet you off-site. You can call us at (504) 264-9492 or messages us here. We’re also available through social media, Facebook and Twitter.

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