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Traffic Tickets

Why it’s best to hire an attorney to fight your traffic ticket

Minor traffic violations, like speeding, might not seem like a big deal. Maybe you even think that it’s best to pay it and get it out of the way, rather than spending a day tied up in traffic court.

It’s understandable that you might not be too worried about a speeding ticket, although our team at Crescent City Law actually recommends fighting every traffic ticket you get!

It’s a different story when it comes to a ticket you’ve received after being in an accident. Accident tickets tend to be more serious violations than other traffic tickets, and pleading guilty can have some major consequences down the line. 

Here’s why it’s best to get an attorney’s help to fight for the best deal you can get.

What kind of tickets can you receive after an accident?

In Louisiana, police are required to show up at the scene of an accident and issue a citation to whoever was at fault. This ticket can be used in court to demonstrate who was responsible for the accident.

The most common citation an officer will issue in Louisiana is for careless operation of a vehicle, a sort of catch-all for accident tickets. But occasionally, tickets can be issued for more specific violations:

  • Speeding: If you’re caught going faster than the speed limit and causing a crash, you can be responsible for paying a pretty hefty fine. Often, it comes down to proving what speed you were driving at the time of the crash.
  • Failure to follow traffic signs: This can include running a red light or a stop sign. Like speeding tickets, this can often be your word against theirs, so it can help to have witnesses who can corroborate your side of the story.
  • Following too closely: Louisiana law requires that you not follow a vehicle closer than is “reasonable and prudent” considering the speed of the vehicle and the conditions on the road. This citation is most often issued when you rear-end a vehicle in front of you.
  • Careless Operation of a motor vehicle: Any person operating a motor vehicle on the public roads of this state shall drive in a careful and prudent manner, so as not to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person.  Failure to drive in such a manner shall constitute careless operation.
  • DWI or vehicular negligent injuring: These more serious citations usually mean you are facing criminal charges. In these cases especially, an experienced defense attorney can help reduce the effects of these criminal charges down the road.

What are the consequences of an accident ticket?

In addition to the fines issued along with the ticket, accident citations can be costly because of the effect they can have on your insurance premiums.

Down the road, a conviction  could be used against you in a civil liability lawsuit or even proving criminal liability.

These costs can really rack up — and that’s not even considering the effect a plea can have on your driving record or car insurance.

How can an attorney help you prevent these costs?

An experienced attorney will present evidence that can improve your case, such as your insurance policy or facts that mitigate your responsibility in the accident itself.

These defenses can help your attorney make a plea deal with the traffic court to have your fine reduced, or ideally, have the citation removed completely.

If the charge is more serious, like vehicular negligent injuring, your attorney can help prevent ail time by presenting evidence in your defense!

Hire an attorney today to fight your accident tickets

Regardless of the specific citation, Crescent City Law is here to help you navigate the confusing world of accident tickets. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation, and we can help you defend your rights and prevent further costs resulting from those pesky traffic citations.

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