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Traffic Tickets

Why It’s Cheaper to Fight a Traffic Ticket Than Pay It

If you are ticketed while driving, do not pay the ticket without consulting an attorney! It is never cheaper to simply pay the fine online. Our experienced lawyers can save you hundreds of dollars by fighting your traffic ticket in court for you. It is likely that you won’t even have to go to court. You can save a considerable amount of time and money by hiring a talented New Orleans traffic attorney like John Radziewicz to fight that traffic ticket.

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Traffic Ticket

The most important thing you can do after you get pulled over for a traffic ticket is to hire a lawyer to fight your speeding ticket.  Our traffic ticket attorneys have successfully defended an array of supposed traffic violations. Let us review the issues that make your case unique so we can tailor a strategy to your particular needs.

Our legal team is also here to inform you of your legal rights and ensure they are protected throughout the legal process. We will represent you in and out of a court of law, making sure that your best interests are served every step of the way. This is your opportunity to speak your mind, raise any concerns you have, and watch our legal team use every tool at their disposal to get the outcome you deserve.

Hiring an Attorney can Save You Plenty of Money

Just about everyone will eventually receive a traffic citation for an offense, such as:

  • speeding,
  • running a red light,
  • passing through a stop sign,
  • failing to signal when turning, or
  • performing an illegal turn.

Though the state of Louisiana does not have a points-based system for drivers, you might end up with a driver’s license suspension after being ticketed for several moving violations. If you do not pay your traffic tickets, you could face serious consequences like large fines, suspension of your license, or even time in jail.

Keep in mind that failure to pay a traffic ticket is a criminal violation, so the court can issue a warrant for your arrest for unpaid traffic tickets. This means you can be pulled over while driving to work or taking your kid to a baseball game, placed under arrest, and transported to jail for an unpaid ticket. Think of the consequence of such an arrest: you can lose your job, your car insurance premium might increase, you will be embarrassed in front of your loved ones, and you will spend at least 1 night in jail!

It is better to let an attorney handle your traffic ticket so that you can avoid the embarrassment and financial consequences of an unpaid ticket.


How to Fight a Traffic Ticket

The best part about fighting a traffic ticket is how easy we make it.

You can submit your ticket information here and one of our legal staff will contact you about the case within 24 hours to discuss your case.

You don’t need to miss a single day of work or school to resolve this issue. It does not matter if you are a Louisiana resident or were passing through our beautiful state while traveling — our legal team can represent you in and out of a court of law. Put your faith in our New Orleans traffic ticket lawyers at Crescent City Law, and we will protect your rights, help keep your auto insurance rate at a reasonable level and ensure you retain the right to drive.


New Orleans’ Trusted Traffic Ticket Attorney is a Call Away

Our legal team has an exemplary history of successfully handling traffic citations of all types.  Give us the chance to review your case, develop the appropriate legal strategy and ensure justice is served.  You can get the ball rolling on your traffic ticket defense by contacting our law office at (504) 264-9492.

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