How to Get your Background Check Before Filing an Expungement in Louisiana

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Certain arrests and convictions can be removed from your record and provide many opportunities that were once unobtainable with criminal history. The process of removing past criminal activity from your past is called expungement. Many employers, landlords, educational institutions, or money lenders require applicants to have a clean criminal background. By having your criminal record expunged, these individuals or groups will no longer be able to view prior arrests or convictions.

In order to have your record expunged in Louisiana, you must first apply and obtain Court approval. This article discusses important aspects of the application process and provides helpful information on obtaining a background check and fingerprints in Louisiana in order to obtain Court approval for your expungement process.


Applying for Expungement

When obtaining Court approval for expungement, there are court approved forms all Courts in the state must use. Applicants must appropriately and correctly complete these forms and submit them to the Court. Additionally, applicants must obtain a background check and submit it with them to the with their application for expungement. This background check must have been acquired within sixty days of the filing date.

A background check in Louisiana can take anywhere from minutes to months, depending on how many records an individual has. In some cases, an applicant will need a copy of their fingerprints in order to conduct a background check. It’s also important to know that fingerprints can be returned for many reasons. Prints may be too dark, too light, not fully rolled, smudged, or hands and fingers may have been switched. If prints are returned by the Louisiana State Police, additional payment is not required.


Costs of Expungement and Fingerprinting

The court costs of expungement in Louisiana are between $550.0 and $600.00*

  • $250 for the Louisiana State Police
  • $200 for the local Clerk of Court
  • $50 District Attorney of the Parish
  • $50 Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • $50 for the Department of Motor Vehicles (for DWI’s only)*


You may be eligible to have your court costs waived you have individual no prior felony convictions, no pending felonies, or the offense for which the individual was prosecuted ended in an acquittal, dismissal, or the time limit for prosecution has expired.

In addition, applicants must also pay a small fee to obtain their background check from local law enforcement.  Some law enforcement agencies require fingerprints to conduct a background check, so it is advisable that an applicant obtain their own background check. If you do not feel comfortable getting your own background check, the cost to obtain your fingerprints is typically around $26.00.

For a list of places to obtain fingerprints in the New Orleans are, visit this site.

Filing an expungement is a confusing and complicated process.  It is strongly recommend that you hire an attorney to help you obtain an expungement from the court.  Consult an experienced expungement attorney at Crescent City Law today to ensure your record is clean.

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