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What To Do If You Fail a Background Check in Louisiana

Can you imagine getting a college degree, working your tail off, and being denied employment, a professional license, or apartment tenancy due to a failed background check?  This nightmare situation is within the realm of possibility for everyone.

A failed background check severely limits your life chances. But Crescent City Law is here to help.

Our team of New Orleans criminal defense attorneys can help you fight your criminal charges on the front end to avoid these types of limitations down the road. Or, if you’ve already been convicted, we can help you work towards an expungement to clear your name and set the stage for a successful future.

Common Reasons For Background Checks in Louisiana

Employers, landlords, academic institutions, licensing agencies and other parties perform background checks on those seeking employment, an apartment or school admission.  These background checks are legal. Even the government conducts background checks before offering employment.

Whether you work in finance, IT, security, childcare or are seeking a CDL license or other professional credential, you will likely need to pass a background check. 

Even those looking to establish citizenship or travel to another country are likely to be subjected to a background check. The pressing question is why some people pass these analyses and why others fail.

When And Why Background Checks Are Performed

A wide variety of supposed transgressions can cause an individual to fail a background check, including:

Any or all of these crimes – and more – can lead to a failed background check. 

However, plenty of people who are perfectly innocent of the alleged transgression or crime fail background checks, as well. A disturbing number of cases have popped up where innocent people applying for work, apartment tenancy, or a professional license are denied due to a black mark on their record. 

Some people even fail background checks because they have an open warrant for their arrest they don’t even know about!  

If you fail a background check, you have the right to request a copy of the background check. Then, bring it to your attorney and he or she will help clear your name.

How Crescent City Law Can Help

Even if you are guilty of a crime that appears on your permanent record, there is no reason for this offense to make your life more difficult. 

You deserve the opportunity to obtain a college degree, professional license, apartment, and employment that pays a living wage.

At Crescent City Law, our defense attorneys will work with you to fight the charges against you and keep you on the path to success.

If you’ve already been convicted, we can work with you to expunge a criminal conviction from your record. We will do everything necessary to clear the supposed transgression from your record and set the stage for acceptance into academic institutions, places of employment, licensing programs, housing, and beyond.

Contact Crescent City Law Today

At Crescent City Law, our dedicated New Orleans criminal defense attorneys know that convictions can lead to long-term consequences – including failed background checks once you’ve served your time. Let us help you fight your charges on the front end, or let us help you work through an expungement if your day in court has already passed. Whatever your criminal defense needs include, we’re here to help. Contact us today.

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