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What your fingerprints can tell you about your life

I recently went to lunch with Yolanda, the owner of Y Not Check Background and Fingerprinting, here in New Orleans. 

At Crescent City Law, we partner with Y Not Check to help our clients get their fingerprints when we help people hide their criminal records. But Yolanda and I didn’t just talk about business.

I learned from Yolanda that every person’s fingerprint tells their life story. Everything from your age to your eating habits can be gleaned from the work that Yolanda and other fingerprint businesses do.

So, I put together this guide for our clients and anyone interested about the story your fingerprints can tell, and how you can use that story to your advantage.

Y Not Check Background and Fingerprinting

According to their Facebook page, Y Not Check assists businesses and the general public in taking security measures to protect their greatest assets– although Yolanda admits that she prefers working with individuals, rather than organizations.

People seeking a professional license, gaming industry employees, people seeking an expungement of their criminal record, and anyone who needs a background check for work have all come to Yolanda to get their fingerprints taken.

And fingerprint technology has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of ink and paper. Yolanda uses a special digital scanner and printer that have a couple of benefits:

  • The printer uses special ink and government-issued paper to ensure official quality
  • The system can print as many copies of your fingerprint as you need
  • And, if there’s a mistake, you can get another copy printed (although this doesn’t happen often)

At Crescent City Law, we send our clients to Y Not Check whenever they need a copy of their fingerprints or a background check for their expungements. But what I learned from Yolanda is that fingerprints can be used for a lot more than just that.

What your fingerprints can reveal about you

Every person’s fingerprint is completely unique. Not only is it a physical manifestation of your genetic identity, but the wear and tear that your fingers experience over the course of your life can leave imprints on your fingerprint that tell a story as well.

Here are some of the things your fingerprint can tell about you, according to Yolanda:

  • your age
  • your sex
  • your size
  • your diet
  • what you use your hands for
  • indications of diseases, like arthritis
  • even, according to some people, elements of your personality

The way Yolanda described some of these things reminded me of the stuff a psychic would tell you in a palm reading. But there’s real science behind all of this information– and real-world uses for it, too.

Why get your prints taken?

Like I mentioned above, the main reason we partner with Y Not Check is for our clients who are applying to get their criminal records expunged.

But Yolanda helps customers get their fingers printed for all kinds of reasons. She told me about trips to nursing schools and job fairs where she had lines of over 100 people waiting for her help. In fact, that’s her favorite part of the job: making sure each customer’s needs are met.

One time, a customer needed their fingerprints for a background check, but Yolanda was about to leave town, so she met the customer after hours with her scanner and printer to make sure the person got what they needed.

Here are some of the reasons you might need to get your fingerprints taken:

  • To apply for a job in a sensitive field
  • To get your criminal background checked
  • To provide identification if you don’t have the necessary documents
  • To learn more about yourself
  • To apply for an expungement

If you’re unsure about whether you qualify for an expungement, fill out our expungement form to find out if you’re eligible.

Hire a New Orleans expungement attorney today

At Crescent City Law, our goal is to make sure you get everything you need to protect your future. If you meet certain conditions, you may be able to get your arrest or conviction expunged from your record. Whether that’s your goal, or you need a fingerprint for something else, Y Not Check Background and Fingerprints is the company for you.

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