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Speeding in School Zones in New Orleans: Lower Speed Limit, Higher Fines

By September 18, 2019No Comments

Louisiana has some of the strictest speeding laws in the nation. Speeding fines in New Orleans can range from $157.50 to over $280 (or more).  And, if you’re cited for driving greater than 20 miles over the posted limit, you appearance before a judge in traffic court is mandatory. 

A recent change in the City of New Orleans traffic ordinances made these laws even more severe for motorists in the city.   This article discusses these recent changes to speeding in school zones and how these legal modifications make New Orleans drivers even more susceptible to heavy fines for violating these ordinances. 

Current Fines and Penalties for Speeding in New Orleans School Zones 

Under MCS 154-534, fines for speeding in posted school zones are set to a graded scale which increase depending on exactly how fast you were speeding. For example, if you were caught doing 1-9 mph over the limit in a school zone the fine is $157.50, but if you are cited for driving 15-20 mph over the limit, your fine quickly balloons to $282.50. 

Anything over 20 mph over the posted limit in a school zone means that you will have to make a personal appearance in front of a traffic judge, who is free to give you any “appropriate” and “reasonable” fine she sees fit!  

Traditionally, motorists in New Orleans would keep their eye out for marked NOPD vehicles and speed cameras, but officers are employing tactics that include unmarked vehicles, undercover radar enforcement, and simply hiding from unsuspecting speeders in the bushes near a school!  All drivers should drive carefully and be attentive so they notice the patrol lights, radar guns, or other speeders already being ticketed.

What Drivers Need to Know

Many school zones in New Orleans has surprisingly smooth pavement, but this doesn’t mean you should speed.  Instead, you should be careful not to speed in school zones because 7:00 and 8:45 a.m. and 2:00 to 4:45 p.m.  More importantly, you should watch out for speed enforcement activity in New Orleans, especially during school hours.  Cops have a duty to protect and serve–this includes children at play in school yards. At Crescent City Law, we understand that 20 mph seems really slow and when our clients get a ticket in a school zone, they are not happy with the change about it.  If you have received a speeding fine in the City of New Orleans, whether on the city’s roadways or in a school zone, you should contact a qualified and experienced attorney that knows the nuances of traffic law and how they operate. An experienced attorney can ensure you do not pay unnecessary costs or have your driving record diminished as a result of a minor infraction. 

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