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Traffic Tickets

5 things you didn’t know about speeding tickets in Louisiana

There are many myths out there about speeding tickets in Louisiana. Some of these myths lull drivers into a false sense of security in assuming they won’t get ticketed for mild speeding or speeding in certain circumstances.

If you’re facing a traffic violation in New Orleans, talk to our team at Crescent City Law before signing and paying the fine to get an idea of your rights.

In the meantime, here are a few tidbits you may not have known about speeding tickets in Louisiana.

1. Out-of-state drivers can have an attorney appear in court in their place

Drivers from out-of-state that get a speeding ticket do not have to appear in court to fight their ticket. Instead, they can hire a local New Orleans traffic ticket attorney to represent them on their day in court to argue their case. 

Even if you’re not from Louisiana, a ticket from out-of-state will impact your insurance rates in your home state and add to the points against you in your home state, so it’s important to make sure you have someone working the case on your behalf.

2. Pleading guilty and paying your fine could result in losing your license

When you pay a speeding ticket fine, you’re essentially pleading guilty to the charges against you. Depending on what the ticket is for, you might face severe penalties, such as license revocation

For example, if it’s 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit in a regular area, it might be no big deal. But you might not realize you were in a construction zone or active school zone, which will increase the severity of the charges against you. 

Before you sign and send your speeding ticket in, check in with a traffic violation attorney so you make sure you know what you’re pleading guilty to.

3. Ignoring a Louisiana speeding ticket increases the penalties

Read your speeding ticket carefully for deadlines and court appearance information. Failing to meet these deadlines can mean that you face even larger penalties. Your ticket costs can increase by thousands of dollars. And after a few notices, you could face a warrant for your arrest. 

If you forgot about a ticket and get a second notice, be sure to follow all instructions. 

It’s a good idea to contact a traffic attorney right away after getting a speeding ticket to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines or notices related to your case.

4. Speeding tickets are money makers for municipalities

Nearly 600 towns in the Louisiana area earn at least 10 percent of their operating budget from traffic violations. Some municipalities get half of their budget from these tickets. 

Know local speeding traps and areas that are known for handing out tickets freely. This can help you avoid paying your municipality’s budget from going a bit too fast in speeding traps.

5. It is possible to get a speeding ticket dismissed

Sometimes, people just pay out speeding tickets in favor of putting the whole experience behind them. 

Even first-time offenders could face serious penalties, depending on the situation. But subsequent tickets are especially concerning. Your insurance rates could increase immensely or worse — you could lose your license. 

A skilled traffic ticket attorney knows how to negotiate a case to avoid points against your license and a ticket on your driving record. Consider hiring an attorney right away if you’re facing a traffic violation of any kind.

Contact a New Orleans traffic ticket attorney

A New Orleans traffic ticket attorney can explain important details about your case and ensure you know the impacts of pleading guilty. Crescent City Law provides support for people facing speeding tickets and other types of traffic violations. Contact us for more information.

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