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Jefferson Parish Traffic Court

5 things to know about Traffic Court in Jefferson Parish

If you’ve ever been pulled over and issued a traffic ticket in Jefferson Parish, then you might be familiar with the inconveniences that will come if you decide to fight the ticket in traffic court.

What can you expect in Jefferson Parish traffic court?

Here are some of the headaches you can expect if you decide to fight the ticket on your own, without the help of an experienced traffic attorney:

  • Time wasted: When Crescent City Law Firm represents you, it usually takes about three hours for the case to be resolved from start to finish. That’s not what happens if you fight the ticket yourself. Most of the time, attorneys are called first in traffic court, leaving non-lawyers — i.e. you — to spend hours waiting to go before a judge. You can expect to take at least two half-days off of work if you choose to go at it alone. It’s likely that you will have to appear more than once.
  • No phone access: While you’re waiting patiently to go before a magistrate, do not plan on having your smartphone or tablet there to help pass the time. Only lawyers are permitted to bring their cell phone into traffic court. Make sure you bring a book or magazine.
  • Expect to pay something: Even if you convince the district attorney to reduce your ticket to an amended offense, without the help of a traffic attorney, you can expect to pay something, even if your ticket is lowered to a nonmoving violation. In most cases, Crescent City Law asks the judge to waive fines and fees.
  • Expect NO help from traffic court officials: The law prohibits the judge and clerks of court from giving advice, and prosecutors are unable to offer advice because it is a conflict of interest. Even if judges, clerks and prosecutors wanted to help you, they cannot do so.
  • Expect to feel like you’re being treated unfairly: Traffic court is a big money-maker in Jefferson Parish. When it comes to sob stories, they’ve heard them all.

What are the locations of traffic court in Jefferson Parish?

Here are the locations where you might end up in traffic court in Jefferson Parish:


If you want to fight your traffic ticket in Jefferson Parish, contact Crescent City Law Firm to learn about your options or submit your ticket online by clicking here.

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